Combination Course Of Testosterone Propionate

Cycle No. 4 – combo with deca-durabolin

Length of cycle – 8 weeks:

  • 1 week – 100 mg of testosterone propionate, 200 mg of Deca Durabolin;
    2 week – 150 mg of testosterone propionate, 400 mg of Deca Durabolin;
    3 week – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 400 mg of Deca Durabolin;
    4 weeks – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 400 mg of Deca Durabolin;
    5 week – 150 mg of testosterone propionate, 300 mg of Deca Durabolin;
    Weeks 6-8 – 100 mg of testosterone propionate, 200 mg of Deca Durabolin.
Combination Course

The combination of drugs facilitates the synthesis of proteins and helps to exert an enhanced effect on muscle tissue, which provides a quick set of quality mass.

Cycle No. 5 – as preparation for the competition

  • Length of cycle – 10 weeks:
  • Week 1 – 100 mg of testosterone propionate, 10 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 2 – 150 mg of testosterone propionate, 20 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 3 – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 30 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 4 – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 30 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 5 – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 35 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 6 – 200 mg of testosterone propionate, 35 mg of Winstrol;
  • Week 7 – 150 mg of testosterone propionate, 35 mg of Winstrol, 200 mg of Masteron;
  • Week 8 – 150 mg of testosterone propionate, 35 mg of Winstrol, 300 mg of Masteron;
  • Week 9 – 100 mg of testosterone propionate, 25 mg of Winstrol, 400 mg of Masteron;
  • Week 10 – 100 mg of testosterone propionate, 15 mg of Winstrol, 200 mg of Masteron.
    In this program, testosterone acts as an energetic tonic, venistrol helps maintain muscle size, and masteron provides the necessary muscle stiffness. This cycle is especially appreciated by powerlifters for their high efficiency and great results.

10-week Test Prop/Tren/Winstrol Cycle

This advanced cutting cycle would consist of Test Prop, Tren and oil-based Winstrol (Winstrol Depot). You’ll need a 3x10ml (100mg/ml) bottles of Test Propionate, 3x10ml (100mg/ml) bottles of Tren, 6x10ml (50mg/ml) bottles of Winstrol Depot, 30x50mg Clomid tabs and 70×0.5mg Arimidex tabs. You will inject three times a week for 10 weeks:

  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Test Propionate injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Trenbolone injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • Weeks 1-10 – 300mg/week Winstrol Depot injected 100mg/eod (Mon/Wed/Fri)
  • (PCT) Week 11-13 – Clomid at 100mg/day first 10 days, then 50mg/day for 10 more days (or Nolvadex at 40/40/20/20)

You can load all the compounds in the same syringe. Throughout the cycle use 0.5mg/ed Arimidex to combat estrogen related side effects (gynecomastia).

Testosterone Propionate vs. Alternatives

While I’m not a medical professional here to give you advice, I still highly recommend that you steer clear of Testosterone Propionate unless you’re already a very experienced steroid user. Even in that case you’d be well advised to still consider other alternative and safer options.

This is why:

Testosterone Propionate comes with many possible negative impacts on your health. The side effects and health hazards make Testosterone Propionate a risky proposition. This is why I recommend looking at Testosterone Propionate alternatives.

Many replacement products can deliver very similar benefits as Testosterone Propionate, and sometimes even stronger ones. This is without the horrible side effects that can impact both your short and long term health.

With all this in mind, if you want to go straight to the premier alternative to Testosterone Propionate, look no further than Testo-Max.

Testo-Max is potent stuff and its powerful formula mimics the effects of Testosterone Propionate, minus the unwanted side effects. It’s also completely legal for anyone to buy and use anywhere in the world.

These aren’t the only reasons why I’m so fond of Testo-Max. The big reasons why I’ve selected Testo-Max as the absolute best over the counter Testosterone Propionate alternative are…

For its impressive muscle building and strength boosting benefits.

There are countless individuals who are using Testo-Max on a daily basis and seeing outstanding results. These come with virtually no side effects, while still giving results that rival those from Testosterone Propionate. This makes Testo-Max an ideal replacement for your risky Testosterone Propionate.

The difference between propionate and other anabolic steroids

Compared to other anabolics, testosterone propionate is able to normalize androgen receptors. This fact significantly increases the androgenic effect of the drug.

The difference between

Even with frequent use, testosterone slightly retains fluid in the body. This eliminates the effect of a significant rollback and some side symptoms. For a set of pronounced fat-burning action, muscles quickly gain definition. And, not all users will feel overly bloated or hold excessive water.  Yes, this will happen to some, but it depends on the person, how they train, what they eat and genetics.  A naturally lean individual has less of a chance of holding excess water than someone that is not as lean.  Just common knowledge.

Anabolic action begins shortly after the injection. It is important to note an increase in appetite and stabilization of the central nervous system.  Some users indicate that almost immediately you can notice an increase in physical strength, a decrease in the recovery period between sports training, and an increase in energy tone.  Others say it takes time. Don’t get discouraged if you are one of those people that doesn’t get or see results immediately.  Be patient.

A marked increase in strength indicators is especially valuable for athletes competing in power sports – weightlifting, powerlifting. Sufficiently experienced bodybuilders often use testosterone locally, injecting it into specific muscles. This is a rather dangerous practice, but with some knowledge it gives a good result.  And really there is no point to injecting Testosterone or any other steroid directly into the muscle.

Not everyone likes the fact that the active effect of testosterone propionate on the body lasts only 1-2 days. Some athletes are wary of making frequent injections. There is only one answer to this – testosterone disciplines and requires a competent approach when choosing the right cycle.